Get AI-backed insights from your massive data volumes in just a few clicks.

Enterprise-grade sub-second data insights has just become more affordable. Even for smaller players. Especially for growing businesses.

Enterprise-grade power for growing businesses.

Using a smart analytics engine, Embedry enables you to make data-driven decisions by delivering the precise data when you need it, from wherever you need it.

Connect all your business apps via API, and we'll show you what's important, with all noise filtered out.

Cutting-edge AI/ML innovation for your competitive advantage.

Embedry is built on the latest and greatest technologies, including Large Language Models, AIs similar to the widely known GPT-4, and LangChain.

AI/ML Insights

Get AI-driven insights from your data in seconds, not hours.

We talk your massive volumes of data, and process it with our fine-tuned AI/ML models to give you insights that you can use to make better decisions. All in seconds, not hours. We do not care how complex your data is, we can handle it all, and we can handle it fast.

Cross-Dataset Analysis

Analyze data from multiple sources to find hidden relationships.

Our algorithms are not just fast: they are also smart. We can analyze data from multiple sources, and find hidden relationships between them. This is a powerful tool for finding new insights, and for making better decisions.

Trends, Forecaststs, and Predictions

Spot trends, forecast future performance, and make predictions.

Do you know what your data is telling you? We do. We can spot trends, forecast future performance, and make predictions. We can do this with your data and we can even mix external data in. This is the most powerful tool for staying ahead of the competition.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us, and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. We're here to help!

    • What is Embedry and how is it different from other BI tools?

      Embedry is a platform that helps you get AI-backed insights from massive data in seconds, not hours. It is different from other BI tools because it does not require intermediate data storage and can directly fetch data from business cloud applications via APIs. This reduces costs by x5, provides nearly real-time results, and offers substantial savings to users.

    • How does Embedry's workflow automation technique differ from traditional BI tools?

      Embedry directly fetches data from business cloud applications via APIs, eliminating the need for intermediate data storage. This reduces costs by x5, provides nearly real-time results, and offers substantial savings to users.

    • How does Embedry use AI/ML in data analysis?

      Embedry utilizes large language models, such as OpenAI's "text-davinci-003," "gpt-3.5-turbo," and "gpt-4," to dynamically generate API requests to data sources. This eliminates the need for coding explicit reports combining data from different sources and enhances data integration without requiring dedicated storage.

    • Which cloud applications does Embedry currently integrate with?

      Our product successfully integrates with Google Analytics, Notion, and Facebook business apps, Hubspot, Salesforce and others are coming soon. However, our technology can seamlessly integrate with any product whose API supports OpenAPI, which is the case for most cloud applications.

    • How does Embedry generate AI-driven insights from data?

      Embedry leverages OpenAI models and custom-built AI/ML algorithms in-house to generate meaningful reports from data at the intersections of various sources like social media analytics, sales data, and customer feedback.

    • How does Embedry simplify data management and analytics tasks?

      Embedry simplifies data management and analytics by streamlining the data analysis process and delivering actionable insights from multiple data sources. It reduces manual efforts associated with complex datasets, allowing decision-makers to make informed choices efficiently.

    • Does Embedry rely on external providers for AI capabilities?

      While Embedry does utilize OpenAI models, such as the cutting-edge "gpt-4," we also use our own custom-built AI/ML algorithms in-house to enhance outputs.

    • How does Embedry identify trends at the intersections of unrelated data sources?

      Embedry's AI-driven algorithms analyze data from various sources, such as social media analytics, sales data, and customer feedback, to identify trends and patterns at their intersections. This provides decision-makers with valuable insights that may go unnoticed when analyzing each data source individually.

    • What open-source packages does Embedry use to enhance its capabilities?

      Embedry utilizes the open-source packages hwchase17/langchain, which offer a powerful suite of tools for working with different AI models and chaining their inputs and outputs. This further augments our AI capabilities and provides flexibility in working with diverse data sources.

    • What benefits can I expect by using Embedry's solution?

      By utilizing Embedry, you can expect increased productivity, cost savings, and improved decision-making efficiency. According to PwC, executives reported a 52% increase in productivity and a 50% reduction in costs by utilizing AI tools. Additionally, 54% of executives believe that AI significantly improves the decision-making process. Embedry aims to enhance the "data-driven decision-making efficiency" KPI by simplifying data analysis and delivering actionable insights.